Tivo offers Downloadable Content

The Tivo Video Download Service, which began offering video content to broadband Series2 DVR owners this week, is focused on expanding the offerings available to Tivo subscribers. DVR company Tivo has been busy lately drumming up deals to bring new forms of content to their recorders. First the deal with Yahoo last week to eventually bring information such as traffic and weather and, this week, two new offerings which are being focused on broadband Series2 owners and the Tivo Video Download Service.

The Tivo Video Download Service, which was first geared towards the apparently now failed Internet movie downloads to your DVR relationship between Tivo and Netflix, began appearing to Tivo Series2 owners in the form of tech site CNET video product review downloads. Users were given the choice of being able to begin downloading one 15-minute show per week for the next six weeks featuring CNET editors’ reviews of consumer electronics and other devices.

Yesterday, Series2 DVR owners began receiving word online about the ability to get a free sneak peak of Red-Trousers, a documentary about the lives and training of Hong Kong martial arts and movie stuntmen. Tivo users who have broadband and opt in through the company’s website will, on or around Nov. 23, have downloaded to their boxes the 96 minute unrated version of the film.


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