Microsoft Posts More Open Source Code

Microsoft this week released a set of Windows application development templates on a popular open source software Web site. On Tuesday, the company posted its Windows Template Library (WTL) to the SourceForge site. The WTL is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and user interface components. The library includes classes for Windows controls, dialogs, frame windows and graphical device interface objects. According to documentation posted on the SourceForge site, Microsoft has released the WTL under a Common Public License, allowing developers to examine, modify and re-distribute the code.

Although the WTL has been available for free at Microsoft’s developer site for several years, this is the first time it has been released under open source licensing terms. Earlier this year, Microsoft released the code for its Windows Installer XML software under similar terms. The company has also released some code under its “Shared Source” program, which limits access to governments, academic researchers and other selected organizations.

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