Two Scott Kelby Photoshop DVDs Released

Best-selling author, Scott Kelby is pleased to announce the recent release of two new and absolutely must-have design graphic DVDs – Photoshop CS® Down & Dirty Tricks and Photoshop CS® Power Sessions.

Photoshop CS Down & Dirty Tricks DVD features:

[*] Most popular effects used by the big Hollywood studios
[*] Latest cutting-edge photographic special effects
[*] How to fake studio shots
[*] Type effects that are most in demand by clients
[*] How to get stunning 3D effects without using a 3D program
[*] How to turn simple snapshots into museum-quality gallery prints
[*] Plus loads of advanced effects that look hard, but are easy once you know the secrets.

Photoshop CS Power Sessions is packed with hidden tweaks, enhancements and features such as:

[*] How to unlock the power of Photoshop CS’s supercharged File Browser
[*] New features for digital photographers, and how to start using them like a pro
[*] How to use Photoshop CS’s Creative Tools to unleash a new level of creativity in your work
[*] Review of Photoshop CS’s new color correction tools
[*] How to use Photoshop CS’s new automation features, and take advantage of the updates to the existing automations.
[*] How to open a world of creativity using the new Filter Gallery

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