Game morphs from Warcraft to World of Whorecraft

THE INCREDIBLY popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, has seen its fair share of mods. Now you can see more than your fair share of female avatars.
Nude gnomes, naked night elves, and topless trolls abound in the new mod. You can take a peek at the hanky-panky here, but it’s probably not something you want on your monitor at work, so click at your own risk.

It’s a cute idea, I guess, but how bored do you have to be? There’s plenty of nakedness out there in cyberspace. Is it really necessary to fill every last screen refresh in your digital experience with grainy approximations of female bits?

Then again, maybe the whole mod was programmed by accident. Anything can happen when you spill a little hot coffee on your keyboard.


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