Xbox 360 Gamers Holding Out Until PS3

According to Nielsen Media Research, 50 percent of video gamers will not buy an Xbox 360 until Sony Releases the PlayStation 3.

The report by Neilsen Media Research, which suggest that 50 percent of video gamers will not buy an Xbox 360, are video gamers holding out until the Sony PlayStation 3.

Sony PS3 just might be smart waiting until the Xbox 360 dust clears, but right now Microsoft has dominated the video game console market. Another company that can learn from Microsoft Xbox 360 mistakes is Nintendo, as they prepare for their next-gen Nintendo Revolution.

The Neilsen report also suggests that video gamers are being smart, and not buying the first next-gen video console, until they know exactly which console is best for them.

In recent days, there have been a flood of problems concerning the Xbox 360, from overheating issues to scratched discs. However, Microsoft reported two days ago that only 3 percent of the Xbox 360 units were having issues. Some video gamers feel that the number should be higher. Sony and Microsoft are both banking on their next-gen consoles, and both are losing money on every console sale in an attempt to dominate the console market. Lowering the price also offers a more affordable unit. Some gamers think that the cost burden is with buying the video games, not the console.


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