New Sony Stamp-size TV and FM Tuner

Sony announces a new follow-up Tuner Chip-set to the BTD-ZJ611 that now combines TV and FM tuner functionality in one.

That means in a couple month we should see Wrist watches or other wearable gadgets with TV and Radio features.

The new Sony Chip-set BTF-ZK48X measures 25x20x2.6mm and weighs 2.6g. The TV-Tuner only BTD-ZJ611 is still smaller with 20mm x16mmx2mm. Samples go out in May to manufacturers.

The BTF-ZK48X supports the following channel spectrums:
VHF : 1 ~ 12 ch
UHF : 13 ~ 62 ch
CATV: C13 ~ C63 ch
FM : 76.0 ~ 90.0MHz

Screenshot: FmTV 1
Screenshot: FmTV 2

Submitted By: svenkat83


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