NetScout backs up performance manager

NetScout Systems has a new standby server product.

The new product works with the company’s existing flagship product, nGenius Performance Manager software, which monitors network and application performance. It gathers information from a range of sources, delivering it to help desks, management, and third-party management systems through auto-updating, live console, Web-based reporting and performance alarms.

According to the company, nGenius Performance Manager Standby Server is designed to shoulder the load when primary performance management servers fail, whether through external disaster or hardware failure.

It works by maintaining “a frequently updated, replicated copy” of the main server’s data and configuration, and kicking in automatically as required.
nn The company said its new system can “keep close tabs on network and application activity during a crisis, by showing which systems and applications are online, which sites and users are able to continue to conduct business, and how business services are performing on backup or redundant networks and systems.”

The company also said that the server can report on how well systems coped after an event such as a disaster “to demonstrate the success or failure of disaster recovery operations”.

Likely usage scenarios according to the company are off-site, mirrored data centres and backup sites, and co-location facilities, where it can be used as an on-site redundant server.

Software-only for Windows and Solaris servers, as well as pre-loaded on Windows or Red Hat Linux appliances, system prices start at $25,000.


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