Sun adds support for open-source Java database

Sun has added its open-source Java DB database into the latest version of Sun Java Enterprise System.It also announced a plug-in for Java DB will come with NetBeans IDE 5.0, an upcoming version of its software development environment.

Java DB, the Sun-supported version of the Apache Derby Project Java database, will now be used as the application-embedded and Java developer database for Java Enterprise System Release 4. Java DB has been incorporated into Sun’s Java System Portal Server 7.0 for data storage and is used as the development database in all Sun Java System Application Servers.

Developers using NetBeans IDE 5.0 will also be able to build and deploy mobile, desktop, Web and enterprise applications that use Java DB. The Java DB plug-in is available from Sun’s Autoupdate Center and can be found in the tools menu of NetBeans IDE 5.0.

News source: Techworld


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