Dual Opteron rig tested

RUSSIAN website Digit-Life checks the Thermaltake XP480 PSU. Two fans, nine molex, one SATA and two FDD connectors. Stable up to 277w, this PSU falls short of the advertised 400w – which is a shame since quite a few customers will buy this PSU and then find out that it won’t support a dual core processor and a high end card together.
In the February 2006 paper edition of the PCW, there’s a test of the Mesh Xtreme Fire which is the first widely available. In its belly, you will find an Athlon X2 4800+, 1GB memory, two Radeon X850XT, a 400GB HDD, and a 20-inch LCD monitor. You might bag a much better deal though from Mesh computers themselves. Go for a Geforce 7800GTX Athlon PC and you are pretty much sure that you’ll be able to shatter the 10K 3Dmark05 Barrier.

OCIA tests the Swiftech Apogee Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock. It has a copper based plate and is compatible with all desktop and server processors including the Itanium. OCIA got a DFI motherboard coupled with a Venice Core X64 3000+ CPU. It ain’t better than the Swiftech Storm but it is cheaper than the above. There are some improvements to be done like the base finish as well as the tubing clamp provided. Gets OCIA seal of approval.

Tomshardware Den Guru tests a few hard disk based MP3 players. Den Guru evaluates each of them separately and curiously, there is no conclusion, probably because choosing one of those is something quite subjective. Apple – with the iPod Video – though seems to be the sleekiest of the bunch with quality earphones to match the quality of the player. You might also want to have a look at the Archos GMini XS 202 which is one of the smallest hard disk based players ever.

Tweaktown tests the Asus K8N-DL motherboard along with two AMD Opteron 251 processors. They compare a nForce 4 Ultra with one AMD Athlon 4000+ processor. It is obviously a server quality motherboard with six memory sockets but only four expansion slots. Add ten PATA and SATA sports but only one GbE poort and you have a rather incomplete solution. Don’t expect overclocking options to be present though.

3DXtreme reviewed the OCZ EL DDR PC 3200 Gold GX XTC 2GB memory modules. It uses the Xtreme Thermal Convection technology which uses a honeycomb – hexagonal type design. Naturally, as you would expect from OCZ, it overclocks quite nicely and even if the timings are not as good as smaller capacity ones, it is quite competitive both in terms of performance and price when compared with the rest of the 2GB DDR modules out there.

News source: theinquirer


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