Thunderbird and Open Office get upgrades

WHILE YOU WERE groaning your way through a Kwanhaukkamas induced eggnog hangover, two every important programs were given updates. Thunderbird went up an RC, whatever that means, and Open Office went up a whopping 0.0.1!!!! OK, the changes don’t seem all that startling, but both are better, and worth a download at the very least, it is hard to beat the price/performance ratio for these updates.

Thunderbird has a lengthly list of changes here, and if you scroll down the page just a little, there is a handy download link. The changes are not hugely monumental, but they look to make life better in many small ways. I am currently using it, and while I can’t say it changed my life or made my teeth whiter, there are no problems to report either.

Open Office on the other hand has a little more subtle changes in store for v2.0.1. From what I gather, there are a bunch of language related fixes, most notably adding Macedonian, something that the world has been really waiting for. They also added a shortcut to bring the cursor to the last editing position, [shift + F5] should you care. The entire list is here, and the download page is here.

News source: theinquirer


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