Nvidia works on new Pentium 4 chipset

NVIDIA is working hard on its Pentium 4 line of chipsets. It had to cancel the C60 chipset and we saw some unpleasant flaws with C51, Geforce 6150 and 6100 integrated chipsets. TV out was and still is slightly dodgy but not too many people care about that.
During its last conference call, Nvidia’s CEO confirmed that the company cancelled its C60 Pentium 4 chipset project. That was supposed to be the Geforce 6150 and 6100 for Intel but as Nvidia lost Intel chipset deal to ATI, it decided to can the chipset.

I guess that it was much more than just a loss to ATI and we suspect that this chipset had some problems that they just could not override. You don’t cancel a chip that has cost you millions of dollars for nothing. But, to be fair, perhaps it was a strategic decision.

So maybe ULI can make a good chipset for the Intel market as Nvidia is happy with the AMD end of its business. Nvidia desperately needs an entry level Pentium 4 chipset as this is where the money is.

News source: theinquirer


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