Firm fingers Apple over pointing tech

A UK COMPANY filed a lawsuit against Apple and Fingerworks just before Christmas alleging the companies had breached a patent it owns.
Quantum Technology Management Ltd, a UK company based in Haywards Heath, alleges Fingerworks and Apple breached patent number 5,730,165 – Time Domain Capacitive Field Detector, granted on the 24th of March 1998 to a Harald Philipp and subsequently acquired by Quantum.

The filing alleges that components made by Fingerworks when combined into the products of Apple use a technique covered by the patent.

It adds that Quantum had contacted both Apple and Fingerworks over the alleged violation with no response and therefore wants a jury in a Maryland court to award it damages.

According to the Fingerworks web site, it has ceased operating as a business and its products are no longer available for resale. So the Fingerworks bit could be a tricky one for Quantum to win.

News source: theinquirer


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