Hynix predicts PC doom in 2006

SOUTH Korean chipmaker Hynix is predicting that growth in PCs demand will drop down the toilet in the coming year.
According to Reuters Hynix will stick its fingers in its ears and focus on NAND chip production and not worry much about DRAM chips during 2006.

It will be joining Micron, which also hopes to broaden product lines to include flash memories for digital music players and cameras, and as far away from the PC DRAM chips as possible. In November, Micron and Intel Corp., the world’s biggest maker of computer chips and microprocessors, announced a plan to set up a $2.4 billion flash memory joint venture.

Hynix is ranked second in the DRAM market behind Samsung and only third in the NAND market, so it will be cutting a fair bit of its business back.

News source: theinquirer


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