Oracle has Siebel in sights

WITH THE EC now apparently OK with Oracle’s bid for Siebel, the only barrier to full ratification of the deal is a Siebel shareholder meeting set for January 31.
The proposed $5.85 billion buyout has been rumbling along since September, but the end may now be in sight. The end, that is, for the late 1990s CRM boom’s poster child company. The writing has arguably been on the wall for Siebel’s independence since the death of the dot com era. And let’s face it, that was some time ago.

Those who say Oracle already has too much stress on its hands integrating Peoplesoft and other recent M&A morsels will be tut tutting if Siebel’s shareholders feel unable to refuse come the end of the month. Which they probably will.

News source: theinquirer


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