Sony, Samsung, others challenge Apple iPod’s dominance with video players

Asian gadget makers at an electronics show here have been showcasing portable multimedia devices, providing fresh competition to Apple’s hot-selling iPod music and video player.

Japanese electronics giant Sony has highlighted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the portable version of its upcoming new Playstation game console. The portable device can show videos, play MP3 music files and store pictures.

South Korean company Samsung has showcased its YM-P1 player, which has 30 gigabytes of memory and can store up to 40 movies and 25,000 MP3 music files. Samsung has also proposed making cellphones that can show videos.

Honhai, a Chinese company, launched in the first quarter a multimedia portable player that can stock pictures. US companies are also competing with Apple.

Handheld Entertainment presented a console with wireless capability that can download videos and music online with a WiFi connection. Humax unveiled a multimedia portable player that features videos, music and pictures.

The 2006 International CES, which opened Thursday, boasts 2,500 exhibitors and hopes to attract 130,000 visitors before closing today.


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