IBM helps improve open source patent quality

BIGGISH BLUE is helping the US Patent Office and open source software community to improve patent quality.
A spokesBlue said that IBM would make use of processes learned as part of its involvement in the open-source software world and apply them to patent development.

IBM’s plan is to identify those patents that demonstrate genuine scientific progress. It will increase certainty around intellectual property rights, reduce contention and free more resources to focus on innovation.

Among the ideas is an “open patent review” which will allow open source-style peer review of patent applications and a program to protect open source code as “prior art”.

It will see the Open Source Development Labs, IBM, Novell, Red Hat and developing a database of software source code in a searchable format, allowing it to qualify as prior art.

“As a result, both patent examiners and the public will be able to use open source software to help ensure that patents are issued only for actual software inventions,” IBM said in a statement.

News source: heinquirer


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