Apple upsets Intel over dull and boring allegation

FIVE SECONDS after Intel CEO Paul Otellini dressed in a bunny suit to help Apple’s Steve Jobs peddle his new Macinteltosh machine, it seems that the relationship between Chipzilla and Jobs’ Mob came under strain.The problem is Apple’s television ads for its new Macs boast that for years, Intel’s chips have been “trapped inside PCs – dull little boxes, dutifully performing dull little tasks.”

Now that Apple is using Intel chips, the power of the processor will be set free in a must more interesting and visually attractive way, the ads say.While Apple is a bit new to the whole PC way of doing things, the marketing department of Intel is a little miffed that Apple is slagging off its customers and partners in that way.

Intel Vice President Deborah Conrad told that while Intel helped Apple make the ads, it had no idea that it would be taking the Michael out of everyone who had ever bought a PC with an Intel chip inside them.She said that Intel would never characterise its punters as dull and boring and it was probably a good thing that Apple didn’t show Chipzilla the ads before they were aired.

Sounds like the honeymoon is over.

News source: theinquirer


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