Playstation 3 might cost $500

A CNN MONEY article projected that Sony’s PS3 might cost $500.
The article’s author, Chris Morris, said he spoke with “several developers” who made estimates ranging from $300 to upwards of $700, but the prevailing wind seems to be blowing in the direction of $500.

Of course, Sony itself hasn’t made any announcements regarding their actual plan. Microsoft should be so lucky!

If the prognostication turns out to be true, it would mean Sony fans will be shelling out an extra $100 for their next-gen consoles, compared to the Xbox 360. Or $200 if you pretend the hard drive-less X360 is equivalent to the basic PS3.

One of the major reasons for the proposed higher price tag is the PS3’s inclusion of a Blu-Ray DVD drive. Compare that price with the $1,800 for a Blu-Ray DVD player and Sony’s console seems like a steal.

MS says it will definitely be offering a HD-DVD add-on drive for the X360, and possibly one for the Blu-Ray format as well, depending on consumer demand. But how much is one of those going to cost? $100 dollars? More? I’ll guess, at least $100. That alone would make the two consoles comparable, and the PS3 possibly cheaper.

But we won’t really be able to do the math until Sony stops being so coy, and MS starts shipping their add-on drives. So it comes down to wait and see, oh, and which games
you want to play. Not that we know exactly what the PS3 release line-up is going to be.

News source: Theinquirer


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