Microsoft is no giant, says France

WHEN FRENCH president Jacques Chirac listed the US technology giants who were causing headaches for his country’s tech industry he listed Google and Yahoo.
He said that France must act quickly to take on these giants telling Associated Press that a new geography of knowledge and cultures is being drawn. “Tomorrow, that which is not available online runs the risk of being invisible to the world,” the French president said.

But the question is, why didn’t Chirac consider Microsoft, with its wonderful Internet search engine a threat to La Belle France?

Clearly Chirac does not consider that MSN’s search technology is worth a damp croissant and is not in the running with what he has in mind.

Chirac is backing a Euro Google, dubbed Quaero being developed by a European consortium including French electronics outfit Thomson, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom.

The big plan is to create a Quaero-Google rivalry that would outstrip the Airbus and Boeing feud. If it all works, then Microsoft could be thrust aside. It is nice when Vole gets told that its father was a hamster and its mother smelt of elderberries, by the French.
News source: [url= ]theinquirer[/url]


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