ATI Optimized Driver v1.3 by The NGO Group has been released

The most optimized driver for the OpenGL platform has been updated. read more for release notes and known issues.

[Release Notes]

* Based on the new offical Catalyst 4.5
* OpenGL driver has been updated. (big frame rate improvement and better quality using 32bit color
* Set your favorite OpenGL game to 32bit color quality before installiation in order to use this release

[Known Issues]

* UnitedAdmins project “Cheating-Death” havent added our OpenGL driver yet and it may detect it as “Cheat”
we’ve already contacted UnitedAdmins regarding this matter. and they may fix it soon. no issue reported on VAC (Valve AntiCheat)
* corrupted OpenGL mode on 16bit mode, set your OpenGL games to 32bit before installation
(-32bpp in Counter-Strike command-line will force 32bit)
* Radeon X800 is not fully supported on OpenGL platform. additional support will be added soon as possible

News source: w2s


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