British wireless technology rocks Russia

BRITISH Intelligence has recruited a rock as a special agent, according to the Russian secret service.The bolder which was hollowed out and equipped with a wireless pc was used as a data collection point between British Embassy employees and their Russian contacts.

Federal Security Service (FSB) chief spokesman Sergei Ignatchenko showed Russian telly film of the four Embassy employees using the system. They were seen wirelessly loading the rock with instructions. Later the Russian contact would use a PDA to pick it up or load information.

The FSS swooped on the rock and apparently it cracked under questioning. They later arrested a Russian citizen who admitted passing the information on to the Brits.

The British British Foreign Office in London said earlier that they were “concerned and surprised” at the allegations in the TV program. It didn’t deny that the rock was one of theirs and neither did Prime minister Tony Blair in his press conference. Spy experts have said that we shouldn’t take such accusations for granite.

News source: Theinquirer


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