Bloom walks as Symantec digests Veritas

THE MERGING of Symantec and Veritas is proving slightly more painful than anyone could have envisaged – at least in terms of executive staying power.
Former Veritas chief and subsequent Symantec vice chairman and president Gary Bloom is out, set to depart by March, the company said.

He originally had a kind of top dog job share with Symantec boss John Schwarz, but Schwarz left to join business intelligence software vendor Business Objects in September. Symantec channel chief Allyson Seelinger has also passed through the executive revolving door in the last few months.

“The strength of the management team at Symantec gives me comfort in deciding to use this transition to take a break after almost 25 years in the high technology industry,” Bloom said in a statement. Bloom’s role will be filled by chairman and CEO John Thompson while possible replacements are mooted. Reseller partners will be waiting eagerly to see if any of this personnel movement translates into changes in channel policy.

News source: Theinquirer


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