Google helps build Great Firewall of China

TRUCULENT Interweb search outfit, Google, won’t let the US authorities nose through its customers’ search records, but it will let the Chinese government dictate what some customers can and cannot see.
The company admits re-directing folk in China to its specially-sanitised web address rather than allow then to plunder the riches beheld through its .com address.

While such actions may be “inconsistent with Google’s mission”, it says it would have concerns for the safety of its few dozen employees located in China.

We can’t help but feel it may be more concerned about the few billion yuan it might expect to garner over the coming years by offering western firms advertising access to the Chinese soon-to-be-consumers.

Google hasn’t yet censored it newly un-beta’d news pages, where plenty of folk are complaining about its scorn for free speech.

News source: Theinquirer


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