Abit merges with USI

ABIT INSISTED it would solve its financial problems one way or another. Well it just did. It announced that it finally merged with Universal Scientific Industrial Co. (USI), a big OEM that makes a lot of notebooks, desktops and servers for IBM, or, should we now say, Lenovo.

This merger will USI to effectively penetrate the retail motherboard channel with Abit, apparently the world’s fourth-largest brand in motherboard business. Abit will get a place to manufacture its boards and a good service network and USI will acquire the great engineering skills of Abit’s motherboard people.

Abit will continue doing what it knows the best, it will make cool, overclockable motherboards and sell and support them through its 35 branch offices, logistic and RMA centres across 12 countries.This means that after fifteen months of uncertainty, the company is back on its feet. An Abit executive said he believes that this is the real winning combination but we still have to see it to believe it.

We don’t know much the details of who owns what now, but we would not be surprised to see Abit motherboards in IBM/Lenovo machines. We suspect the pair will operate as separate companies and but some cooperative actions would not hurt either party.

News source: Theinquirer


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