Instant-On? technology is here and it means the end of computer rebooting. is excited to announce that the time-consuming and usually annoying task of restarting the operating system of a computer every time it is shut down or rebooted is gone for good. Select hardware products and configurations are the world’s first computer systems to take advantage of ‘s breakthrough Instant-On? technology. With Instant-On? computers can turn on and load a full Windows session in less than one second and in some cases as fast as 1/8th of a second. Instant-On? takes advantage of no latency/ extremely high- I/Os request performance of nonvolatile and non-mechanical PuRam Solid State Disk Drives and recent advances in both high-bandwidth hardware architectures and memory technologies, by utilizing several variants of WinXP4L enhancements and all its built-in new high-performance hardware capabilities. By caching in real-time at shutdown all of Windows active drivers and boot-up files into a temporary image partition, Instant-On? allows computers to reboot from a successfully pre-boot “snapshot” in the very same manner that a PDA or a PocketPC device wake-up from an Off state. Equally, a reset option allows for a full “standard” system boot-up, often obligatory when new applications or hardware are recently installed or modified, requiring a first time registration of drivers and mandatory system files. Finally, a complete Hardware shutdown, similar to what a hard reset is on a PDA device, allows for a complete hardware memory resident digital imprints, in cases like a BIOS update or major hardware change occurs. Instant-On? technology blends ultra-high performance memory, disk components and code. These elements are tuned together for ultimate performance in the long-due overhauling of booting, re-booting and shutdown operations in personal computers.
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