Trojan horse couple extradited to Israel

THE MARRIED couple arrested in Britain accused of producing a trojan horse virus that allowed companies to spy on one another has been extradited to Israel.
Michael and Ruth Ha’ephrati face a number of charges, their lawyer told Israel army radio. The couple have been remanded it custody for ten days’ of questioning.

A number of Israeli firms are implicated in the affair, apparently having paid good money to use the malware to spy on competitors. The Ha’ephratis are offering to splii the beans on these companies in return for lighter sentences, local media reports claim.

Police investigators here have interviewed more than 18 people in connection with the case. Local cellular phone companies and cable TV operators have had a brush with the local police but all have so far denied any wrong-doing.

Police say a Trojan horse built by Michael Ha’ephrati was found to have penetrated computer systems operated by a number of firms, including the HOT cable television group and a public relations company, Rani Rahav, which spins on behalf of Israel’s second biggest mobile phone operator, Partner Communications.

From their British jail cell, the couple told Israeli TV Channel 2 that Michael had developed the Tojan Horse in order to spy on family members for a laugh. His missus then had the bright idea of flogging the code to interested parties.
News source: Theinquirer


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