AMD’s 64-bits better than Intel’s 64-bits – Microsoft

A WIDE-RANGING interview with Microsoft senior VP Bob Muglia has revealed that the software giant believes not only that there are differences between iAMD64 and Intel’s EM64T but that the former is better than the latter.
The interview, on WinSuperSite covers a lot more of the Microsoft roadmap than just iAMD64, but what Muglia has to say about AMD64 versus EM64T is very revealing indeed, and confirms earlier stories about collaboration with the chip contender.

Muglia says – apparently to gales of laughter – that AMD has done a good job and that he thinks customers will be happy with either.He adds that AMD has done things that Intel hasn’t done but thinks Chipzilla will carry on investing and do “a really good job”. However, AMD led the way.

Muglia says that Dave Cutler, now at Microsoft but formerly at Digital and working with Dirk Meyer on the Alpha chip, had been “all over this” and worked closely with AMD to design the chip, as we revealed at the Opteron launch last year.

By the end of next year, 64-bit chips will be everywhere. µ

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