iPods bump into rapacious greed and irony

WE ALL REMEMBER last September when the turtlenecked one shocked the world by telling them that the record companies are greedy.Gosh, who would have thought, I mean, with the combined talent of J-Lo and, ummm, I can’t think of any modern big label talent actually, so that argument goes down the tubes. Either way, he forgot DRM inflicting and rights removing.

So, the argument goes like this. If Apple is using ‘artificially low’, chortle, music prices to sell iPods, on which they make money, the record companies are entitled to a cut of the revenue. Basically, they should get a cut of the iPod dollars. Jobs laughed at them publicly, good man there.

Now comes the ironic bit. Accessory makers are bitching about the so called iPod tax. Basically Apple is said to be asking 10% of the wholesale price for things that connect to their little white fashion trend. Now, read the first two paragraphs here, and read the last link, especially the Piper Jaffray quote. Tis to laff, har har.

Next thing you know, Apple will be claiming it owns the letter “i”.

News source: theinquirer


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