Gigabyte introduces gamer cases

GIGABYTE MAKES CASES? I’ll bet you didn’t know that, I sure didn’t until its latest news letter popped into my inbox along with a link here. Yes, proudly displayed among the ‘cooling products’ page comes a new high end aluminium gamer bling-bling cases the GZ-FSCA1-ANS/ANB/ATS/ATB, aka the 3D Aurora line.

These all aluminium cases come in silver and black, supplemented with enough blue LEDs to make Vegas look dim, the intake and exhaust fans are lit like, well, a gamer case. If that wasn’t enough, it has a laser projector that shines a customizable message or logo about where your toes sit in front of the case. It is completely tool free, and has two locks, front and side. Other than the logo, pretty standard stuff.

The two nice things that you don’t see all that often are an internal tool/small parts bin, handy for screws, knobs, and things of a less than completely legal nature you want to sneak into a LAN party. It is also quite handy if you want to smuggle berries or those weird proto-monkey lemurs out of Madagascar without proper permits, but I don’t think that is what the Gigabyte engineers had in mind.

The 3D Aurora also comes with dual holes for feeding in the increasingly common watercooling rigs through, and a place to hang the tanks and radiator. GB claims they are compatible with all watercooling kits.

Overall, this looks like a solid first effort from the lads at Gigabyte. I don’t have one, and due to quirks at that company, doubt I will ever see one, but check it out when they hit stores. At the very least, it looks like they are trying to accommodate a lot of the latest enthusiast trends.

News source: theinquirer


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