Pro Quadro Card microscoped

MORE GREAT graphic cards, this time from Lostcircuits which test the Nvidia Quadro FX4500 which is SLI compatible. Now at more than a grand each, having two of those cards do actually give you bragging rights in the world of professional graphics but not in that of gamers. BTW, if someone spots a professional roundup of the latest graphic cards, let me know. Benchmarks included viewperf, 3D Studio Max and Catia. The reviewer also gave some hints on how to get the best of your hardware. Don’t worry about the FX4500 though, it is an excellent card.
OCworkbench gets the Epox EP-9U1697-J motherboard to the test. This is a M1697 ULI based motherboard, the first outside the Asrock and the reference one to get a review. It has four DIMM sockets, two IDE and four NCQed SATA2 ports, is SLI compatible and has two LAN ports – including one GbE -plus an 8-channel ALC850 Audio. There’s also a BIOS recover feature and a debug led. Overclocking and performance is on par with SLIed.

Grace and Driver heaven check the Titan Serina laptop cooler which is different from the one on review yesterday. This one is made up of aluminium and has three fans plus a fan speed control wheel. One version also offers an all in one card reader plus three USB 2.0 ports. The cooler actually require a power supply and for the beefier of the two, add a second USB power cable.

Hardwarezone reviews the ECS PF22 Extreme which is ECS”s high end board. It features the Crossfire compatible Intel 955x express. The other specs are fairly standard for its category. HD Audio though the ALC880, six SATA2 ports, Intel Matrix Technology, twin GbE, eight USB 2.0 ports as well as two Firewire ones. ECS has still some way to go though as as far as performance is concerned in order to catch up with the big guns out there it seems.

There’s a Skype phone on review at The Syba Sky Pro skype phone plugs straight into your USB ports: can’t be more user friendly than that. There’s no complicated functions to remember and the price is very affordable. You get more than what you paid for even if it is still corded, the jeys are hard to use and there’s no LED display.

Hardwarezoom tests the Gigabyte GA-G1975X G1-Turbo motherboard with an Intel 975X chipset. One of the big attraction of that board is its 7.1 sound solution which is provided by the Creative Labs SB Live 24-bit DTS-compliant hardware controller. There’s also four 40mm fans onboard as well as a pack of Gigabyte’s own overclocking technology, CIA2, MIB2, Easytune 5, CMS Reload switch etc. The usual stuff it seems.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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