ATI to launch two PCI Express cards next week

IN TAIWAN, AT COMPUTEX ATI will introduce two of its PCI Express cards.
The RV380 based card that will be called X600 from now on is a mainstream card that will occupy the sub $200 market and it based on 0.13µ (micron) architecture.

RV370 is ATI’s first 0.11µ chip, will be called the X300, will sit in the sub $100 market. We’ll get back to you on clock speeds and some more details when we have them, but but both of the cards are ATX based.

Intel will follow with its own PCI Express later on and ATI won’t have its stuff ready before the end of the summer, even though it already has sampled its Athlon 64/FX chipset.As for the R423/X880 XT, this card won’t be introduced at this show as far as we know. The PCI Express era starts in June and will dominate over the next few years. µ

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