Nvidia denies it seeded forums with chums

HARDWARE WEBSITES are in a fever over accusations that graphics chip maker Nvidia paid people and gave them gifts to salt message boards with endorsements of its products.
Nvidia outright denied that accusation this morning. It neither pays users nor gives them gifts, said a representative.

Several sites said Nvidia hired Arbuthnot Entertainment Group (AEG) to do the salting and pointed to a couple of postings they considered were a tad dodgy.

Nvidia confirmed to the INQ today that it had hired a firm called AEG to monitor forums and other feeds. It used to do that job in house. A representative said Nvidia had “developed relationships” with enthusiasts.

According to the AEG website, it produces ‘Message board monitoring and response’ and ‘Strategic seeding viral assets to ensure they are spread far and wide’. In other words, it is a web-based gorilla marketing outfit.

AEG has worked with Nvidia before, Nvidia’s Public Relations Director Derek Perez endorses the outfit on its web-page saying that “AEG’s online community outreach programs have been extraordinarily successful in improving public perception of our company and its products.” An Nvidia rep said this was a normal endorsement firms made with their different partners.

The Consumerist magazine got onto the blower to Nvidia’s head spinner Perez and asked him about his company’s involvement with AEG. That magazine claims Nvidia gave enthusiasts gifts. An Nvidia rep outright denied that accusation too.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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