Yahoo pleads for US to bale it out on human rights

ONLINE FIRM Yahoo will get an onion or two out of its corporate waistcoat today and ask the US government to give it clear guidance on what it should do when totalitarian governments ask it to snitch on their users.According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo has admitted that giving details of users to Chinese cops which ended up with people being thrown into jail for years was “serious and distressing”.

We do not know if Yahoo execs have paid visits to people consigned to jail after it released details of who they were to the authorities.But it is obviously a little apprehensive of a hearing by a US government subcommittee on Wednesday which it, Cisco, Microsoft and Google will also attend. All four of these companies have been accused of kowtowing to Chinese “security demands”.

The Journal, here, quotes a Yahoo lawyer as saying that government should talk to government on these matters and it wasn’t up to companies to handle such problems on their own. A search for “conscience” on the Yahoo web site brings up an advert suggesting you can find “conscience items” at low prices on Ebay.

News source: Theinquirer


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