iPod-using Olympians are uncontrived Apple ads

Apple Computer doesn’t have to be a sponsor to get advertising mileage out of the Winter Olympics–the athletes have inadvertently launched their own iPod campaign.

A story in the Baltimore Sun Friday points out that Olympic athletes from around the globe are like live billboards for the digital music player, which they have been seen using during practice and competition.

The U.S. snowboarding team is outfitted with Burton Snowboards’ jackets already wired for iPods with an iPod-sized pocket, speakers in the hood and a control panel on one of the sleeves, according to the story. And Shaun White, a 19-year-old snowboarder, “also uses an iPod-equipped helmet, which–according to newspaper accounts–frequently pipes in Led Zeppelin, or, during his recent gold metal routine, AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black,'” the story said.

Make sure to read to the end of the story for a list of music on Olympic athletes’ playlists.

News source: Cnet


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