Dutch police arrest Nigerians for US scam

INSPECTOR KNACKER of the Dutch police has arrested 12 Nigerians for running the 419 scam to fleece rich Americans.The 12 were detained on suspicion of fraud which earnt them a total $US2 million.

During the raid in Amsterdam and the central city of Zaandam, police seized 25,000 euros in cash, computers and fake travel documents.The gang has posted some 100,000 emails to potential victims and managed to get a large number of replies, the police say. The swoop was as a result of a tip off from US investigators.

Of course it will not be long before 419 scammers capitalise on this event and we start receiving mail which says:
“Compliments, I barrister Elioba have decided to bestow this trust on you, which I pray you will not ignore or betray. I appologise in advance for any inconviniences this may cause you.

“I am Barrister Eliobathe Personal Attorney to the 12 peoples unjustly jailed in the country of Amsterdam . Before they were arrested my clients made a fixed deposit Amount valued at (USD$2M) with Legend Trust Bank here in Nigeria. If you are able to assist us there is a substantial reward.”

News source: Theinquirer


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