RIMM wins a crucial BlackBerry Patent

RESEARCH in Motion’s court battle to save its BlackBerry machine took a turn for the better yesterday.
The US Patent office rejected a patent which was used by NTP to demand huge amounts of cash from RIMM or be shut down in the US.

NTP had two patents which were crucial to its case against RIMM. Now it seems that the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a ‘final’ rejection of one of them.

Of course NTP can appeal the rejection of the patent office board, then to a court so it is not over yet. The second patent is still valid too and there are eight others still waiting to be looked at.

RIM is facing a court hearing tomorrow in Richmond, Virginia, on whether BlackBerry sales and service should be shut down in the U.S. because the company infringed NTP’s patents.

News source: Theinquirer


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