Corsair creates a gaming tournament

WE were informed that Corsair wants to make a gaming tournament. It likes the fact that Abit had some nice success with it and therefore it acquired some of ex-Abit people to create this event. Corsair decided to call this event Kode5 and thinks of it as a revolution.

Of course it is a revolution as the winner teams from sixteen countries will join forces and cross their swords in the motherland of China.

German geeks Giga TV will follow first of the qualification games at Cebit and the teams will fight in Quake 4, Counter strike 1.6, and China’s favourite Warcraft III, frozen throne.

Corsair claims that China is the country with the fastest growing gaming population. I think that the correct statement should be that China is the state with fastest growing population of any kind. And Corsair reddish colour and statements as Kode5 brings the gaming revolution in China almost implies that Fidel Castro will host the show.

You should not be surprised that Abit still plans to create Acon 2006 so there will be two major IT companies having very similar gaming tournaments and probably both will take the similar timing, after Computex of course.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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