Intel workers win big lottery prize

SEVENTEEN people working at the Intel fab at Rio Rancho, near Albuquerque, won $667,142 in a lottery.

The Rio Rancho Observer said the “Fab 11X Sixth Shift Rocks” group put $5 each in the pot and collected $27,078 after tax.

And what of that other lottery, Wall Street Blotto? With their earnings, each of the Fab 11X Six Shift Rocks group could have bought over 1,300 INTC shares at $20.15 apiece.

Or 20,000 Transmeta (TMTA) shares. Or over 2,800 LSI Logic (tick: LSI) shares.

Intel’s fab at Rio Rancho is famous for several things, including the revelation that people fall in love even when they’re togged up in bunny suits, and that if you sneeze you have to bend down and achoo as near to the air purifying system as possible.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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