Radeon X800XT is a 500/1000 MHz card

ATI WILL HAVE three cards based on its R420 marchitecture, matching Nvidia. It was simply a matter of time for ATI to start talking about its new card clocked in-between X800PRO and X800 XT PRO.

Ironically, the ATI X800XT will be clocked at 500/500 MHz just as we suggested it would at the beginning of this year. X800 XT PE, Platinum edition is, as we said before, a 525MHz card with 560MHz memory and will ship at the end of June or early July and the X800 PRO is already in the market and it’s clocked at 475MHz core and 900MHz memory. This card comes as a logical step for ATI in this overheated market but it still remains a secret when it will be able to ship these cards to go against Nvidia’s.

Apart from Japanese Nvidia 6800 cards, none are available at all but this could change soon as Nvidia plans to have some cards at June for buyers.All this is happening just before the dawn of the PCI-Express revolution that starts on Monday at Computex. µ

News source: theinquirer.net


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