AOL Opens Up AIM Further

AOL said Monday that it was launching a new Web site in hopes that developers would create new applications to be used in a new AIM Web page creation tool. Called, the site would allow developers to upload snippets of DHTML and then create applications from those snippets or those uploaded by others. These modules could then be embedded into a Web page. The modules are based on AOL’s ModuleT open format that enables the syndication of mashups, Web content and Ajax applications.

“With the I Am Alpha website, our flexible and extensible module-building tools and a little creativity, the possibilities for modules are endless,” said Kerry Parkins, Director of Audience Product Management for AOL. “The modules that developers generate will be vital as we create a new platform that will make it even easier for the more than 63 million active AIM users to connect with their circle of ‘buddies’ and others within the AIM community.”

News source: Betanews


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