Panasonic 220-inch TV tested

CHINESE website HKEPC pits the Intel Pentium XE 965 against the Athlon FX 60 in a battle of the extra expensive CPUs. According to the roadmaps, the 965XE should be the last of the Netburst based processors on sale, soon to be replaced by the Conroe XE. Strangely, the XE965 comes up as a 6GHz part under CPU-z for some reason. At the end of the day, Intel has got a processor that can finally match the best of AMD, at a heavy price though with serious noise and heat dissipation.

Akihabaranews has tested – a big word – the Panasonic Interactive TV wall. You won’t be able to buy it unfortunately. It is the size of two 110-inch TV stitched together and it is touch-sensitive. There’s no news about the resolution of that little darling but I expect it to be quite high. Have a look at the remote control which seems to be very gamer oriented. Obviously, games and console gaming are going to be a big selling segment for that kind of product. Worth a look and see the video.

Newcomer Fnatic checks the Everglide S-500 headset. It is quite expensive and doesn’t output equally – depending on whether you are listening to music or watching DVD or playing games, sound output will be different enough for you to notice. On top of that it does not have a volume control. But there are some good points. It comes with an almost perfect noise insolation as well as a very comfortable design. That said, padded earphones can be aa pain to wear especially in summer.

Hardwarecentral has an editorial on the introduction of the Pentium D 805 which retails currently for a mere £90 inc VAT – almost half the price of the X2 3800+, which makes it by far the cheapest Dual Core processor available. Granted that it is only a 2.66GHz part with 2MB L2 cache and a 533MHz FSB, that is still very much sufficient for everyday tasks and while you won’t own any performance award, dual core is a proven way of getting your computer back into business. Intel is the one innovating right now in the Dual Core segment.

Dan from Dan’s Data reviews the GTR7106 PC case. With a plain steel chassis and a glossy front panel, it has a maximum pimp appeal. Quite flashy as Dan puts it. It comes with a metal grill in place of a perspex side window as well as steal covers for the optical drivers bay. The case is apparently tool-less with a lot of space inside – the GTR7106 comes without fans or power supply. A good case for those without a big bugde and for those looking for a lot of ventilation – but beware of the noise.

The Asus EAX1300Pro is on test at hardwarezone. It is an entry level card obviously and therefore you can’t expect it to compete with the big guns out there. Still though, it has the basic features which will make it compatible with VIsta and allow you to play most modern games at their lowest resolutions. The EAX1300Pro comes with a core/mem speed of 600/800MHz, quite high, as well as a real HSF and 256Mb memory. Surprisingly, you also get dual DVI ports. Comes out as a decent competitor to the 6600DDR2.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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