PS3 due in March 2006

PlayStation 3 confirmed as “focus” for Sony’s Cell chip – although it’ll also be used to give their TVs “computer-like functions”. Lordy

After Sony’s somewhat obscure comments at their E3 conference regarding their forthcoming Cell processor – which will be used to power PlayStation 3 – Sony chairman Nonuyuki Idei has revealed more of their plans for the chip. And he’s confirmed that their first consumer application for it is going to be PS3, which now looks set to appear in March 2006.

“We’ll first focus on developing a successor console to the PlayStation 2,” he says. “But incorporating the Cell chip into TVs will give us greater control in adding functions, so we’ll concurrently pursue the development of a new game console and the incorporation of the chip into TVs. It just means that demand for TVs with computer-like functions is starting to emerge and we are going to meet such demand.”

So what “computer-like functions” will those be, then? We’d imagine that we’ll see Sony’s next-gen TVs have built-in PSX-like capabilities that will enable them to play games, connect to the net, and store and play MP3s, movies and music. In addition, don’t be surprised if the PSP’s wi-fi function will enable you use it as a remote control for your Sony home entertainment set-up.

Trial production of the Cell processor itself has already started and the first prototype of a Cell-based workstation is due to be ready by the end of the year. With Sony having announced that they plan to start shifting Cell-based products in March 2006, and with PS3 being Sony’s priority for the chip, it appears that this could well be the planned release date for PS3.

Source :GamesRadar

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