Console retailers plan PS3 sting

SMALL RETAILERS (those under five foot? – Ed.) having learned from the Xbox 360 fiasco are planning to use the initial short supply of the PS 3 to make a killing when the product finally comes out.

When the Vole released its XBox console, there were massive shortages in the shops, so enterprising shop managers were making a fortune from the machines by flogging them on eBay at more than double the cost.

Now, according to Joystiq, retailers are planning to do the same thing again when the PS3 comes out.

The magazine quotes a local New York retailer who admitted that it had eBayed every Xbox he received since the system’s launch.

The bloke reckons he made so much money that he is looking forward to the PS3 launch so he could do the same thing again.


News source: THEINQUIRER


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