NASA investigates software recycling

BOFFINS at NASA are working out if the agency can save cash by using old code used to pilot space craft from the early days that it has lying around.

According to, there are two schools of thought on the idea. The first is that the old code works and is still viable in the new breed of craft. The school of thought is that the idea is as mad as a box of frogs, will not save much money and will result in a 1960’s style crash on a 21st century computer.

NASA has already reused software on missions including its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and its Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope.

People in favour of re-cycling at the Agency say that it has built up a library of software which has been rigorously tested. All it needs to do is be adapted to suit the conditions of the mission and any new technology which has since come along.

It will cost nearly $800,000 for NASA to work out if software should be re-used and to develop software that can automatically detect what code has the potential for recycling.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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