ATI to launch X800XT PCI-E today

ATI FINALLY DECIDED the name of the chip that used to hide under R423 codename cloak. This chip is actually nothing more then R420 PCI Express, we hope native, and not a bridge inside the chips and I guess that’s how it got its name. Previously we saw that many people call this chip X880 which won’t be the case.

I guess someone at ATI realised that this chip doesn’t deserve that name. As for clock speeds we are actually talking about egg to egg speeds. This means that the top X800XT PCI-E would end up at 525MHz core and 560MHz memory.ATI’s partners said that they have actually finished their designs and that they are waiting for the ATI / Intel green light to start shipping them.

Also our X600 and X300 story that we ran the other day was confirmed as the numbers that we suggested where the real ones.Finally ATI as finalised its PCI and AGP R4XX and R3XX agenda and things might just settle down as they were quite creasy for a while.PCI Express cards are ready, it’s just a matter of when PCI Express platforms become available. Midsummer’s Day is the date when the big PCI Express attack starts to change your AGP lives. Puck!

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