Intel Launches Next-Gen Mobile Pentium 4

Intel Corp. shifted more of its Pentium 4 designs into the mobile market, launching several second-generation Mobile Intel Pentium 4 chips and a single Celeron M.
The new Mobile Pentium 4 chips will be officially known as the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 538, 532, and 518, and run at clock speeds of 3.20-GHz, 3.06 GHz and 2.80 GHz, respectively. The Celeron M 340 will run at 1.5 GHz.

The new Mobile Pentium 4 chips are designed for the “desktop replacement” market, a small subset of the notebook PC market that is dominated by the thin-and-light notebooks which use Intel’s Pentium M processors. Intel’s new Mobile Pentium 4s, which mimic Intel’s desktop processors, are manufactured on Intel’s 90-nm process technologies and include support for the SSE-3 instruction set. However, each of the Mobile Pentium 4 includes Intel’s “Enhanced SpeedStep” technology, which helps cut the power used by the chips.

The Mobile Pentium 4 chips include a full megabyte of level-2 cache, while the Celeron M contains only 512 Kbytes of cache. The Celeron M also uses a slower 400-MHz front-side bus.

Source :ExtremeTech

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