The World’s First USB Turntable

Recording vinyl records onto your computer in order to turn them into MP3s or CDs isn’t too hard if you have a record player, phono preamp or an amp with a Phono input right next to your computer, a high-quality audio input on your computer (I recommend the Griffin iMic), and a good amount of experience with recording software and noise reduction. OK, so maybe it’s not so easy after all.

Those hankering for an easier or simpler way to record vinyl onto a computer (whether for digital listening or sample harvesting) now have a one-stop solution, the Ion Audio iTTUSB Turntable with USB Record. Plug this into your computer’s USB port, read the short, simple tutorial on how to use the included open-source Audacity software, and you’re up and running.

Although the iTTUSB isn’t new (it was released late last year), it’s not as commonplace as it should be by now, considering that vinyl is experiencing a resurgence in some crowds and there are millions of people out there with iPods who would probably like to import a record or two. My friend Craig just started using one and reports great success. The stats are convincing as well:

• Adjustable Pitch Belt Drive Turntable
• Cartridge with Stylus
• 45 Adapter
• 33 1/3 and 45 RPM.
• 78 RPM conversion (via included software)
• Adjustable Anti-Skating control for increased stereo balancing
• High speed vinyl recording (wow!)
• Line level RCA outputs
• Adjustable Pitch Control +/- 8%
• USB 1.1 (or 2.0)
• No drivers required on Mac/PC

News source: BLOG.WIRED


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