Nintendo fans perplexed by new name

After Nintendo announced the official name of its next-generation game console, to be known henceforth as Wii, fan reaction was less “whee” and more “why?” Until the company’s announcement Thursday, the console has been known by its code name, “Revolution”.

The name–which is pronounced “we”–is meant to invoke a feeling of cooperation, and the double “i” is intended to visually conjure up the image of two people standing together. But so far, the name has mostly unified people in their distaste for the new moniker.

Many fans wish Nintendo had stuck with “Revolution,” which they say is far more marketable and even appropriate, given the console’s distinct controller. As the console’s release nears, Nintendo will embark on Web and television campaigns to clarify confusion surrounding the pronunciation. From the looks of early blogger reactions, which range from “Wii-diculous” to theories that that name is a prank, Nintendo has got their work cut out for them.

News source: CNET.NEWS.COM


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