Power Color X1900 GT launched, to cost $300

ATI AND TUL Corporation, marketer of the Power Color range of graphics cards, launched the new X1900 GT card on the 5th of May.

The firms got together to introduce the card early, as it was originally supposed to launch on the 9th of May, the first day of E3.

The pair obviously could not wait any longer and decided to announce the cards late on Friday.

We learned that the X1900 GT card already had its suggested retail price slashed from $349 to $299. It uses R580 core clocked at 575MHz and 256MB of 1200MHz GDDR 3 memory.

The card features eight vertex Shaders and 36 pixel Shaders. It is limited to twelve pipelines and it can support Avivo and works in Crossfire.

We know that TUL, Power color already have those cards and it is getting ready to start selling them. They should have good volumes of the cards as R580 yields are good.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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