Ebay worried about Google

EBAY BOSS Meg Whitman said that her company was keeping a close eye on that upstart Google out of fear that it might suddenly start nicking its business.

Whitman told a whoop of analysts that, in the IT business, “only the paranoid survive”, although that was probably what she wanted them to believe.

She said that she had been consulting the coffee cups and come to the conclusion that Google may try to become a force in eBay’s e-commerce and online payment businesses.

Whitman reckoned there was real a threat from Google’s growing online database of products.

She said that eBay was competing from a position of strength. She waxed lyrical about “reaping powerful synergies” from eBay’s businesses, like Paypal and Skype. And there is nothing like giving a powerful synergy a damn good reaping to bring tears into its eyes.

Whitman said she did not see eBay’s sales figures continually improving, a warning of which in January sparked a sell off of eBay shares.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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